I used to think that hard work was cleaning out the barn. Hard work was cleaning up after someone else {Cleaning the kitchen after my mom cooked a meal 😣😂} I used to think hard work was getting the best grades even when I really, really didn’t care about what I was learning about. I used to think hard work was being nice to the kid in class who picked on me and being mean back would be sooo satisfying.

Year end. Laundry. Saving money. Mowing the lawn. Showing up. Making choices about my *yelp* future.

That all seemed like “hard work” to me. Not saying it was all hard in the total definition of the word. Some stuff was physically demanding, some metal and emotional. But. It all seems worthy of falling under the HARD WORK category. And I used to think that referencing work was used in relation to jobs and responsibilities such as maintaining a home or yard.

Oh, then I got married. Let. Me. Tell. You.

I have literally never worked so hard in my life as I do every single dam day. Just to stay married.

Whaaaaaat? Let’s rewind that movie and look for those signs in case I just missed them. I need to get the lesson right… Isn’t this supposed to be a fairy tale!? I guess I’m just doing it wrong. ‘Cuz I do NOT wake up every single day singing to the birds about how in love I am.

I love my husband. I don’t mean to make it sound like I’m in a loveless marriage but I do want to be real for a minute. Every single day it is a choice. Falling in love wasn’t planned {some may remember me declaring “I will NEVER date him”} and believe me, I fought it hard along the way. But, it happened and here we are – a home, businesses, babies, marriage – and all the stuff that fits in between those things. Every single day I choose to work hard for my marriage. I choose to make this last. I’m not a fortune teller so I don’t know what our future holds for us. But I do know that I choose to keep working at it. By choosing every day to work hard on my marriage doesn’t mean that every day it’s awesome. We still argue. We still are human. I don’t care to admit how many times I’ve said mean things in the heat of the moment, in a moment I stopped working. Luckily, it seems that he also chooses every day to work at this {I won’t deny he probably has to work reeeeeeeally hard sometimes 😉😆}

We into our 10th year as a couple. ❤️🤪 I love him more than I did then. Some days I do wake up and it just is that way. Some days I love him a whole lot less than that. But every day I choose to continue to work hard to build our marriage and our future.

I still don’t love laundry. Or house work for that matter. When I win the lottery I will definitely be outsourcing those tasks.