Meet Janelle.


I met Janelle way back when. I was living in Calgary and she was friends with my roommate. Her and her son were always such an uplifting experience. I don’t think I recognized this at the time but years later realize that I would always come away from my encounters with her happier. Her son is a talented hockey player and a fine young man. And Janelle is an amazingly talented artist.

Janelle is a self taught artist (can you say wowza?!) from Opwaaganasiniing, also known as Red Rock Band or Lake Helen Reserve. Janelle is fueled by spending time with family at home and at her family’s cabin and trapline. She has always had wanderlust for journeying and believes that the seasons propelled this. She left her home community exploring and living in Western and Northern Canada for many years.

Janelle’s gift to incorporate old and contemporary painted images and traditional, yet innovative fashion using fur and leather, are often influenced by the spirit world. Her gift is unique and her focus is on women and her connections to the land. She reveals her paintings and creations connect to her heart and strong Anishinaabe spirit. Her culture and connection to the land is forefront in her life.

She has won a Jurors Award at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery and has been in two exhibitions there. Janelle is the recipient of the 2016 Barbara Laronde Award with Native Women in the Arts. She has also spent time facilitating art programs for youth  with a focus on resilience and mental health.

Even with all these accomplishments, Janelle still manages to stay humble and kind. She is literally one of the most genuine people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. And I feel, whole heartedly, that it is a privledge.

For your viewing pleasure go check out the Thunder Bay Art Gallery – imPRESSIVE!

Go here { NWIA } to learn more about the Barbara Laronde Award.
Disclaimer: The bio on Janelle is also written here! I can’t take the credit for that articulation.

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When I had a vision of a project that I wanted to do with BLB I knew I needed an artist who could really capture a feeling. Janelle instantly came to mind. I reached out to her (its been years since we both lived in Calgary!) and she gracefully accepted this crazy idea of mine. She hasn’t raced in the other direction with all my hounding and questions and demands.

Stay tuned for our collab!