…ahh where to even begin. Its been quite some time since gazing at the screen spewing out the wealth of knowledge you have become accustomed to seeing on here.
*insert eye roll, perhaps*

A hiatus that was needed to regroup, refocus, recharge.


That was basically it. I was tired and need to figure out where to focus my energy and more so HOW to focus my energy. Finding out we were expecting baby numero 2 while making changes in the salon and boutique and being a wife and mother and farm wife (I already said wife, but farm wife and wife aren’t exclusive)
So over the last few months thats exactly what I did.

Here are a couple things that I learned on the journey:

Embarking on expanding your family is a amazing experience. So much different this time around than with the first. Having your second child is so much less frightening and oh so much more at the exact same time. Three years older, this body isn’t what is used to be 😛 Its hard to imagine the process of a new born and a toddler (but everyone does it, so it can’t be THAT bad, right! RIGHT?!) What will it be like to introduce our little man to his new sibling? Will they both be up all night? Will they be good sleepers? Will I be able to give enough to each of them? Will I be able to give enough to my husband? MYSELF?! Ahh… but alas its a journey that will just have to happen a day at a time, a mistake at a time – and oh how I accept that there will be mistakes. Many along the way I am certain of it. But there will also be amazing moments, rewards and undeniable clarity that, yes, you are doing this right…most of the time!

I am never done changing. I knew this but didn’t KNOW this until the last few months to quite the extent I do now. I am always on a growth mission. Be it personally, fitness, professional. My current fitness growth is literally just to wake up somedays. Growing a tiny human is so exhausting (forgive me for falling asleep anytime anywhere!) But through out the last 7.5 months my goal has been to maintain and stay active as best as possible. Somedays are better than others for sure but most of the time it is going ok. Also over the last few months lots of changes have been made in the boutique and salon. With custom shelving to better accommodate services and racks to better utilize the space we are working with. Its a fun journey and exciting to see the progress and growth. There is more in the works now and with any luck most of it will be accomplished in the next couple months before this bambino arrives. But if not, that is okay too. Life doesn’t go according to plan and learning how to go with the flow is one of the best skills I could have ever acquired. Even though I am not always good at it.


Which brings us onto our next collaboration!

We are teaming up with IWEN.

My dear friend, Tamara, and I were chatting and an idea was formed.

This from Tamara – a little more about what IWEN is.

IWEN is a Canadian charity that works to empower marginalized women and children through education and sustainable community development. We focus many of our efforts in Nepal, empowering women through education, life-skills and micro-finance programs. We also fund local women’s programs in both Eastern and Western Canada.
Unako is a social initiative of IWEN’s. Since its inception, IWEN used scarves as a source of financing. Initially, they came from shops in the Nepalese capital, but in 2012, IWEN bought the necessary equipment and trained a group of Tharu mothers so they would be the ones to manufacture and supply IWEN’s scarves. Their creations are named UNAKO which means “her” in Nepali. These Tharu mothers whose meagre income depended on daily labor on a landlord’s’ farm now manage a small sewing workshop. They now proudly  call themselves “UNAKO Ladies” and have gained more than just financial independence but a new sense of self and a dignity they never believed possible.
The UNAKO project weaves links between the UNAKO Ladies and all those women who wear their scarves. Imagine a woman in Canada or elsewhere in the world, which wears an UNAKO scarf, is actually linked to another woman in rural Western Nepal that is surviving despite the cruelty of poverty. Together, we create a sustainable future for these women who now believe in themselves and have hope for their children’s lives. This is the power of one UNAKO scarf. Wear it proudly because the impact is enormous.

So you will be seeing these beautiful scarves in the boutique very very soon for a limited time! We will then be hosting a blitz from the boutique where a portion of all sales will be donated to IWEN. Stay tuned for more details about that as well 🙂