This month we are going to do things a little bit different and focus our donations on more than one cause.

One of my soul friends is hosting an event and I wanted to be able to participate while I helped with something that was important to her. We discussed it a little bit, and I can’t wait to have further deep and meaningful conversations about this issue.

IJM is what she expressed to me. I will be honest – I hadn’t heard of it or even really know much about the issues it represents. WHOA!! Have my eyes been opened. We often take for granted our safe and cozy little world we live in. Which is okay! You create an environment for you and your family and hope that nothing interferes to throw a wrench in any of your plans.

International Justice Mission – – go there – read – learn – help!

From Sam when I asked her why she felt this was a good place to focus our hearts on:

“Human life is important to me, but mostly that all humans are treated with respect, dignity and love. We are unfortunately tricked into thinking that slavery doesn’t exist or that sex trafficking is not as prominent. Truth is, it’s just becoming sneakier. I love IJM because they are set up from start to finish; they have people who are willing to go in and rescue, people who are there to fight the legal battles, and people who are there to counsel.”

Having support every step of the way is what will make this different and what will really make a difference.

So shop between now and November 15 to help.