A new month means a fresh start. A chance to start something fresh, to finally commit to your fitness routine or bust those bad habits. August is always a month of reflection and building for me being that its my birthday month. And a new month also means a new cause to donate a portion of the profits from the online sales from Body Language Boutique.  Choosing the monthly cause was an easy decision this month. Helping others will always enrich your life in a way that nothing else can. Giving will allow you to gain more than anything else.

This month, I chose a family who are going through something unthinkable. Brad and Shayla, with their two sons, live in Cabri, Saskatchewan. Brad farms and Shayla is a District Manager for Arbonne. Owen is their 7 year old son and Nixin is there 5 year old son. Summer time is a busy time on the farm and it really is an amazing lifestyle to raise a family in. I personally love watching my son bond with his dad and grandpa on the farm. He runs around excited about everything and his eyes light up. He loves the tractors and loves to help fix things. But I think his absolute favourite thing to do at the farm is ride the quad with his grandpa. They spend hours, I mean HOURS, when he is there riding up and down the lane on the quad.

A week ago today, Nixin was in an accident and suffered life threatening injuries. He was flown by STARS to the hospital in Saskatoon, SK where he still is. As a parent I can not imagine the heart break that this family is suffering. As a person, I want to take away the pain they are suffering.

So for the entire month of August a portion of the profits from all online orders and Arbonne orders will be donated to this family. In addition, if you purchase a  Gift Card and indicate “Green Heart” in notes, that entire amount will be donated as well. (Note: The gift card will not be active and the dollar amount of purchased gift card will be donated, not the gift card itself.)

prayers for nixin

When I heard about this, I held my son a little bit tighter. In my thoughts and in my heart, I will be thinking about Nixin and sending positive vibes their way. Strength to get them though this most difficult time.

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To know the love of another person is a feeling that I only hope everyone has the chance to feel. To know the love one has for their child is a feeling you can not imagine or ever explain. 

It’s with the heaviest heart that I update this blog, tears running down my cheek, as I cuddle my son. There’s a thousand things I should be doing but these movements you can never get back and the reminder that life is short but sometimes cruel. Nixin lost his courageous battle yesterday. 

I do not know what it means to lose a child. I do know that it’s something I would not wish on anyone. I know people who have gone through this suffering and I believe it to be the worst kind of pain. I also know that to get through these days, the love and support we can show from  near and far will give this family strength. So that one day they can look back on their memories of Nixin with fondness and love and not just heartache. 

**To respect their privacy I have not posted photos of Nixin or shared their last name.
If you want more information, please contact me privately.

***When placing your order, leave a message for the family in Notes. These messages will then be sent to them with the donation.