Every month Body Language Boutique chooses a charity or organization or something of the sorts to make a donation to that all online orders placed in that month contribute towards. In the past it was Elkhorn Spray Park Project, Cystic Fibrosis & Heart and Stroke just to name a few. This month we have chosen to support Strays That Can’t Pay.

Stays That Can’t Pay is more than just a group that helps animals. It is a group with the biggest heart. They started out when Alicia received a text telling her how dogs were killing and eating each other because they were so hungry.

That was in 2012. They became a registered charity in 2014 focusing primarily on the first nation communities of Birdtail, Canu, Sioux Valley and Waywayseecapo. Part of their efforts include a spay and neuter program. They will help families have their pets spayed/neutered by offering assistance financially and support wise. If the family doesn’t feel like they can get the pet to and from the vet or give it the proper care following the procedure, Strays That Can’t Pay steps in and assists them. They also have vaccination clinics. They offer support and guidance and educational information. There is NO judgement or criticism. Just love. For the animals and their owners. Finding homes for stray dogs is also a big part of their work. When they can’t rehome them, they become community pets. (What a cool idea!) They have created a safer, healthier, and happier community. One which the children can play and the people can know what it is to love and be loved by an animal.

It should be noted that this is just a small fraction of what these people with this charity do to help. An amazing group of people with giant hearts.

Learn more by visting their website.

We want to help – by shopping online in July! All online orders will help with a donation to Strays That Can’t Pay.

While, I am personally not involved with Stays That Can’t Pay, I do know Alicia and have the upmost respect for her and what she is doing by helping these animals and their owners. A dog is a family member. I know this first hand. Domino was my dog. He and I went through a lot and he never stopped being my best friend, road tripping partner, snuggle buddy and more. My heart is fuller, my soul is gentler and I learned a lot of life lessons by being blessed with his love.


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(Plug: Kyle is a dear friend of mine who’s kind and genereous heart is only outdone by his raw talent as a photographer. I have been fortunate enough to know him as a friend and a photographer. LUCKY! Go visit his website to see more of his work and hire him for your family pics or wedding or just because…)