They came and are causing quite a stir.

I’ve spoke of the Spray Park Committee before. This is another labour of love. The idea came to us by a “non” committee member. (Even though that’s not entirely true. This woman goes out of her way for us.) So we went with it. Hoping to make a few monies for the Spray Park, have a little fun and hopefully find a few smiles.

So this is what happens.

The flock of flamingos invade a yard. The invaded then gets the “Relocation Specialists” to have them depart their yard by making a donation to the Spray Park.
If you get invaded you then get to nominate a friend or family members yard to be the next “victim” and then they get to do the same and so on and so forth. Its really quite a fun and simple concept.

We are able to create a bit of a buzz thanks to the committee rallying together to come up with cute little stories for each victim (the beauty of a small town!). Things got even more fun when one of the invasion victims said “I have an idea” – from there mini movies were born with characters and skits he wrote himself. (Note: Living in a small town has some major perks!) If you go to the Elkhorn Spray Park Project Facebook group you can see it there. The flamingos aren’t dead yet.

Watch the movies:

Buford & Ethel Embark on a Journey

Flamingo Invasion Town Meeting

The Flamingos Attack

Team Elkhorn vs Team Flamingos

General to Team Elkhorn

Stay tuned for the final instalments of the Flamingo Invasion movies.

Plug: Don’t forget that you can support the Spray Park Committee too! Online orders contribute to a donation! Body Language Boutique picks a cause/organization/etc each month to make a donation to. (Need suggestions for July! Please send them my way)