Easter Bunny is coming! My son is too young to totally understand what that means but I am excited. Every day he amazes me with the little person he is becoming. Each and every day he learns and does something new and astounding. I still often look at him and take a step back, a deep breath and wonder how it’s even remotely possible that such an incredible tiny human could be a creation of our love. This love I feel for him, and how my love grows and changes every day for him and his dad, fills my heart full. Some days are challenging and I wonder what the hell I am going to do and how I am going to survive this life. That is allowed too. It’s allowed to feel like you are failing and have bad days. But then you get up. You do it again.  And you do better. You compete with yourself. You constantly strive to do better…than yourself. That’s all anyone can ever do. Better than the day before. But allow yourself time to feel all your feelings.   

This weekend I will continue on my path towards a better me. That means fitting in my workouts (22HardCorps – Thanks Kayla!) and eating clean (Thank you Arbonne for teaching  me and aiding me in this discovery that I am loving!) but filling my life full of love and happiness and family and friends. I will indulge in extra hugs and snuggles and I will eat dessert and drink some wine. I will be surrounded by the ones that I love and that love me. 

When care is pressing you down a bit – 

Rest if you must, but don’t you quit

Short and sweet! I have to be off to enjoy supper one of the weekend to celebrate my awesome MIL – riding my bike there though! And I have to prepare for the Easter Bunny to arrive! (Perhaps Mom aka my is going to enjoy this more than son.)