Today was a testing day for me. My dedication to things that matter to me wavers from time to time and days like this happen, I’m sure of it, just to remind me that it is worth it.


My lovely son decided it was time to party from 2 am until 4 am. Unfortunately he wanted to party with none other than me! Just when I think we have this sleeping thing cased he goes and throws me a curve ball. I told him a few times it is a good thing he is so cute. Since I had commitments I couldn’t sleep in. (But my husband, who didn’t party, got to! This world is a cruel unfair world sometimes) I got up. I went outside for some fresh air. Actually no, I went and put out the garbage. Had my fizz tab and put my big girl panties on. Test one – pass. 

Fizz Tab
Now. I have been on this journey with my fitness for a while now. I had originally scheduled a rest day for tomorrow because we are in the city having our son’s hearing tested. I sure didn’t feel like working out today. No sleep. Busy. News of impending freezing rain changed the course of the day. I fit in my work out and was so glad I did. Test two – pass. 

Test three had me really exploring my dedication to the Arbonne Healthy Living Challenge. After a quick race around the  mall to get a few things we needed my husband and son (who can’t talk so not sure how his vote counts) decided they wanted supper at Five Guys. It isn’t 100% approved but I did the best I could. Pass. 


Then I got to do something that I had to get outside of my comfort zone a bit to do. Lately I have really been digging deep and realizing my goals and passions. Helping and teaching is one of them. I’m lucky to be in an industry where this is very likely going to be an easy dream to reach with some hard work, dedication and maybe a bit of hope! I was able to speak on a video meeting with a group of very inspiring women. I have a long ways to go but I am proud of myself none the less. Pass.

The other two are snoring and just in case there’s a party in the middle of the night again I better get myself to bed! 

Decide. Commit. Succeed.