…you think you aren’t.

I get the sentiment of this. I do. I have also questioned my ability in this role and whether I am doing the best that I can. And was told that the very fact that I was feeling this way meant I was indeed a good mom.

Ok. I can get behind that. We are our own worst critics. And wanting to do the best I can must mean I’m doing it {somewhat} right.


Can we also be good moms if we feel like good moms, though? Can we work at loving ourselves and each other and being proud of the little monsters we are raising? I’m not saying there won’t be those days. You know…the ones where you are certain that every single choice you have made in the rearing of these tiny humans is creating a hurricane. A Big. Bad. Wild. Hurricane.

Can we also be good moms if I chose to let my kids eat KD far more often than I know they should and you only have organic food in your home? Are you meaning to say you don’t let your kid watch as much You Tube as desired? What? You don’t? Ummm. Shiiiiiiiit. Am I good mom?

Kraft Dinner and You Tube aside, as a collective, us people aka moms, we should stick together. The Mom Shame Game is real. {another topic, another day} But I am betting a lot of it is what you put on yourself. So by all means have your days. Doubt yourself. But then snap out of it. Get out of that head space. It’s not doing anyone any favours. Especially those tiny humans. You are being a good mom if you love your kids. If at the end of the day they feel safe and encouraged to become whatever they want to become someday. If they are fed and watered. Sometimes bathed.

You. Are. A. Good. Mom.

Another side note of being a good mom {for another topic, another day}: you are still a good mom if you don’t wallow in self pity that your children are g.r.o.w.i.n.g up.