June 1 – wow – where has 2016 gone. I blinked. It happened. (Which means half the year is done and zero books are done. That ratio doesn’t add up. Insert panic.)

June is a good month, don’t you think? As long as the sun keeps shining and that rain we had the last couple days stays away for the weekend! Community Dayz! Family coming out! Life is good! (Let’s hope the sniffle that D woke up with this morning doesn’t become more than that…)

Community Dayz is this idea that the Spray Park Committee dreamed up. With very little planning time a weekend of fun was organized, with the help of other organizations and committees in the community. Aren’t small towns wonderful? Things like Amazing Race (which I personally am so excited for!) and a Ping Pong Ball Drop for a prize of $500 and an Elkhorn Expos game. An auction with all sorts of amazing donated items from local and surrounding businesses followed up with a social. All in all it will be a fun filled weekend with a little something for everyone. We REALLY want a Spray Park.

The Elkhorn Memorial park currently has a 35+ year old wading pool. It has reached its end of life and the popularity and usage has rapidly declined over the years. Our plan is to replace the existing wading pool with a Spray Park! This modern recreation facility accommodates all ages, is safe, wheelchair accessible, and free of charge! The design consists of a touch pod sensor which allows it to be easily turned on and has a timer to automatically shut off so water is not wasted. This will allow to have a longer season, longer hours, and will be able to operate 7 days a week. The Spray Park will also have a mechanical building which will include public washrooms. This recreation facility is a great way to promote physical activity and interaction with family and friends. Our park consists of a play structure, basketball court, and picnic facilities. With a Spray Park and modern washroom as an addition it is sure that great summer days and activities can be planned in our welcoming community!

So June is going to be Spray Park Month at Body Language Boutique. (As I sit in the heat typing this I am wistfully thinking of spray park days with D!) A portion of all online orders will be donated! So nows a good time to treat yourself!

See you all on Saturday!