Over on the Facebook page I am seeing lots of people express their love for their mom. Ciao Bella and BLB is running a contest to give gift cards to a lucky winner and their mom just for telling us why their mom is the best. So I thought I would share why my mom is the best.

My mom is better than your mom

Early on I looked up to my mom but honestly it wasn’t until my dad passed away that I really gained a huge respect for her and our relationship really flourished. That’s when I really looked at her not just as “mom” but as the truly astonishing human being that she is. I won’t say everything was always peachy and that we didn’t have our moments. She wears her heart on her sleeve and loves too hard sometimes. She’s sensitive. But she’s also outstanding. And beautiful. Inside and out. And that’s why I love her so hard. She has conquered and been defeated. And she’s handled both situations with humility and carelessness for herself but tremendous concern for how it affected everyone else. She is my biggest fan. Even when I didn’t deserve fanfare. Exemplifies what it means to be a mom, a partner, a grandmother, a woman, a volunteer, a career woman, a supporter, a friend – and the list doesn’t stop there.

I am genuinely grateful each day (Even the ones where she does drive me crazy! Let’s face it. Even perfect moms have bad days) that I have her as my mom and I am able to learn from her and share my life with her. She is my mentor and my inspiration.

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

A day that couldn’t have happened without this woman